Clinical Services Program

A wide rage of comprehensive services are provided to children and adults by our licensed, professional clinical staff, including individual and group therapy, martial and family counseling. In addition, 24-hour emergency on-call services and ongoing mental health awareness programs to the community and its schools are also offered.

Psychiatric and Medical Services

HealthWays offers psychiatric evaluations, consultation, medication management and monitoring through our on-staff, board-certified psychiatrist, nurses and family physicians.

Psychological Services

Our professional psychological staff offers comprehensive services including clinical, psycho-educational and vocational evaluations and testing by state licensed psychologists.

Substance Abuse Services

Licensed, certified addiction counselors provide therapeutic services to adults and family members experiencing problems related to substance abuse. Services include individual, group, family therapy, and specialized programming offered to women substance abusers. DUI Safety and Treatment Program is also offered and provided through a contract with the Department of Motor Vehicles. 

HealthWays Intake Services

This is the staff who assist persons who call in to our main office or who visit our clinical office to seek counseling, psychiatric, psychological and/or supportive services.